Mind the gaps?

The average day usually has a few gaps in activity; waiting for a bus, waiting for the kettle to boil, even sitting on the toilet. With technology nowadays it is easy to use these little gaps to browse for cat videos, have arguments on Facebook or plan world domination, but just as easily they can be used to write a few words. I tend to use Evernote in those circumstances, as it works well on phones, my Chromebook and desktop, and a fair chunk of An Illusion of Peace was written this way. I then transferred it into Scrivener to polish it up and organise it.

Sometimes I do sit down like a proper writer and spend an hour at my desk bashing out words, and this can be very productive. But I find it difficult to say ‘right, I will spend a set time at my desk every day writing’, especially as I spend most of the rest of the day at it occupied with my proper job.

So use those gaps, make them work for you, and leave your readers wondering if the amazing scene they are experiencing was actually typed out in the bathroom. Alternatively, plan for world domination and send me a postcard when you achieve it.

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