New ebook is now on Amazon

Well my first ever book is now up on Amazon as an ebook.

An illusion of Peace

Fun to write, hopefully enjoyable to read. The bumph:

Captain’s report:
I had expected it to be another false alarm. My team had wasted so much time on so many wild goose chases that I was fully prepared for yet another. In my darkest moments I had even wondered if we were wasting our time and aliens were purely the stuff of fiction. But this was different. Alarms popping up across our network, reports of explosions and deaths, and actual real alien creatures across our city, destroying and killing. Then there was an accident and I found myself actually linked to the aliens, pulled into a hidden layer of thought, simulated worlds and deceit. Could we fight back against so powerful an enemy? I didn’t know if we had the physical or mental capacity to resist. I didn’t know if I had the strength. But I had to try.

A small Investigatory team find themselves suddenly faced with an alien invasion of their city, unsure of what to do or how to survive. While the physical aliens are the threat, the solution might be found within their interlinking minds, with those trapped inside in simulated worlds and with hidden human abilities.

Book 1 of The Consonance series introduces humanity to a wider universe; to a universe less friendly that we had hoped.

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